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Although 90% of today's firms have implemented cloud, just a third are seeing the expected ROI. While the cloud provides you with next-generation computing capacity and access to new types of data in the proper quantity and quality, the most advanced businesses recognize that AI is the bridge that allows you to turn that data into business value. It's no surprise that the whole C-suite is now engaged in the AI agenda and is wondering what comes next.

This is where Applied Intelligence enters the picture. Cloud is the enabler, data is the driving, and AI is the differentiator, according to us. We bring them together to help you make better, faster decisions that will help you change your company and expand at scale. And, because we know that people are at the heart of every technology transformation, our worldwide team of specialists brings the cross-functional capabilities needed to produce business results while also facilitating cultural change, allowing your staff to properly use data and AI.


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